By Alix Adams

I think we can all agree that the tissue paper fringe tassel has been crazy hot in the party-sphere for a while now. You see that sexy little fringe tassel everywhere these days. Hanging at weddings, baby showers, all over Pinterest, and (my favorite) hanging from those adorable jumbo-size balloons! Now I have followed several online tutorials on how to make the perfect/meticulous tassel for a fringe garland…and this tutorial is not that. This is the quick-and-easy cheater’s guide to making fringe tassels in a snap! I’m serious…any crafter, even beginners or the crafting-challenged ;), can make this tassel and make it fabulously. Add it to a jumbo balloon and everyone will be calling you a party planning extraordinaire!

 – Tissue paper in the colors you desire. Each piece of tissue paper = one tassel, so keep that in mind. For one balloon fringe garland I use between 15 and 20 tassels, so 15-20 pieces of tissue paper.
– String or twine (to glue the tassels to)

 – Hot glue gun and hot glue
– Cutting mat, rotary cutter, or just a pair of scissors


Step 1: 
First, open and unfold your pack of tissue paper until there is just one folded edge. In other word, unfold the tissue pack until it is folded only once in half.

Step 2:
Using you rotary cutter, mat, or just scissors, cut strips all along the length of your tissue paper stack making sure to not cut the folded edge. Starting about 2″ down from the folded edge, cut away from the fold.

Step 3:
Now unfold your stack of cut tissue paper completely, revealing tissue paper pieces that are cut down the sides, but not the middle.

Step 4:
Next, carefully peel apart each sheet of tissue paper and set it aside.

Step 5:
For this step, take an individual piece of tissue paper that you just separated and fold it in half across the uncut fold (i.e. fold it in half hot-dog style like it was in Step 1).

Step 6:
This is the step that puts the “quick-and-easy” in “quick-and-easy tassel garland”. Instead of rolling up the tissue paper down the center and trying to not turn it into a tangled mess, you will just be making a couple quick folds! Okay, now fold the tissue paper in half the other direction (opposite of Step 5) – hamburger style. This means that you must fold it so that the fringe area of the tissue paper is stacked on top of each other. Then, repeat folding the tissue paper in half this way several times until it makes a little tassel and the folded side of the tassel (or the top of the tassel) is only 1″ wide.

Step 7:
Easiest step there is…tie the end of your sting to the back of a chair or a doorknob. Having your string off the ground makes it much easier to glue tassels to it. I use about a 7-foot-long string.

Step 8:
Time to glue! Grab that little tassel you just folded and apply glue to the folded 1″ tab at the top. Then, fold that tab around your string with the glue side touching the string.

Step 9:
Repeat Step 8 with all your tassels, gluing them up and down your string about 4″ apart…creating the world’s most adorable and easy-to-make fringe tassel garland ever! Tada!


“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”
― Maya Angelou