Moss topiaries are beautiful & always look fresh & greenI imagine these lining tables at a garden party, in several shapes & heights. A few tied with hand dyed ribbon and accompanied with white ranunculus & wood accent pieces. Gorgeous! As beautiful as these are, they are also quite simple to make. 
You will love having this quick go to centerpiece in a pinch. 
Hope you had a lovely weekend. xo -Tif






Vase or Pot

Floral Wire

Floral Wire Cutter

Floral Knife

Floral Shears

Floral Foam Spheres

Floral Foam

Super Moss
Step 1
Soak your foam ball  & Moss in water. Use a large bowl or bucket so that you can completely submerge the foam ball. If you don’t have one on hand then just keep rotating the ball until it’s completely covered & soaked in enough water.

Step 2
Put your stick or sticks into the ball.

Step 3
Grab more floral foam bricks or balls & soak them in water. Cut these into shapes that will fit well into your your vase or pot.

Step 4
Pack the cut foam into your vase or pot. You want these to be tight. If your vase or pot is NOT waterproof you will need to line it. If you don’t have plastic floral liners you can cut & fit a black garbage bag. Just add it into your pot before you add the floral foam.

Step 5
Add a layer of wet moss on top of the foam slices in your pot or vase. Then fasten the moss by taking pieces of floral wire & hair pinning the moss into the foam. Use long & short pieces when hair pinning. Hair pinning is simply bending wire in half & inserting it.

Step 6 
Create a small opening at the top. Keep your foam & moss moist.

Step 8

Step 9
Insert the moss foam ball with stick into the center of the moss & foam in the pot. Then secure moss around with the hair pinning technique.

Et Voila!
Remember to keep your moss topiaries moist so that they stay green & fresh. 

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