Pegboard Letter
By Alix Adams

I have a complicated relationship with office supplies and crafting tools. To be honest, I protect my fabric scissors like the hope diamond and the day I bought a rotary cutter and cutting board was so exhilarating I should celebrate it annually. Yes, happy Rotary Cutter Day! These crafting tools and collections of washi tape make the life of a crafter a thug life for sure…so what’s seems to be the problem? Storage. I never know how and what to display and what should stay hidden in the crafting closet abyss. And truth be told, if it ends up in the crafting closet it gets used less and less. What I needed was a cute and clever way to store my crafting tool, so I came up with the idea of creating a letter out of pegboard to hang all my crafty crap on!

– A sheet of pegboard from your local hardware store
– Print out of the letter you want your pegboard to be in the shape of. I wanted a giant letter so I printed my letter to be 24″ by 24″ with the tiling printing option so it printed out the outline of the letter across several pages.
– Scissors
– Tape
– Pencil
– Jigsaw (this is actually a very affordable power tool and one that comes in handy for many projects)
– Sand paper
– Hardware to hang up the letter pegboard sign (available at your local hardware store)
– Hooks specifically designed for pegboard (also available at your local hardware store)



Step 1:
To begin, I first cut out the edges of my giant letter. Keep in mind that not all the edges will line up perfectly and you may have to eyeball it here and there, but if your cutout is close you should be able to piece together your letter.

Step 2:
Once all the letter pieces are cut out you will want to assemble the letter on top of your pegboard. Using tape, stick the backs of all of the letter pieces down so that the letter stays put while tracing.

Step 3:
Now, with your pencil, trace all along the edge of the letter. I noticed a couple spots where I had to adjust the spacing and I was just careful to make sure the final letter outline looked nice. After tracing around the entire letter, rip off the paper letter pieces.

Step 4: 
Time to have some fun! For step 4 you will want to break out the jigsaw (please be sure to read the safety manual for your jigsaw and make sure to wear those super cool/nerdy protective glasses). With the jigsaw, cut around your pencil-outlined letter. Make sure to not forget any holes that may need to be cut out in the center of your letter.


Step 5: 
Once cut, you will notice your letter may have some rough edges. I rubbed fine-grain sandpaper around all the edges to smooth them out. I also used a washcloth to wipe off all excess sawdust that collected on the letter. Then all that is left to do is mount your pegboard letter! There are dozens of options when it comes to mounting hardware so I suggest you think about the weight of the items that you want to hang on your pegboard letter and then chat with the folks at the hardware store to find the best option for you.

I, personally, am feeling a lot better about my craft supply storage now that I have a pegboard letter. Easy access to washi tape? Check. Scissors an arms-length away? Yep. A place to hang my donut ornament? You bet ya!


May your heart be found in the right place.
-michael john u. teh