Can you believe Alt is almost here? I can’t wait! There are so many wonderful, fun & creative people going & HELLO! the keynote speakers?? I’m dying. The crazy thing is -beyond crazy- I’m speaking. It’s humbling, exciting, funny, horrifying & really wonderful. I’m very grateful for this opportunity to speak. When I received an email from Gabrielle Blair,


I was shocked but I’ve never hit the “add contact” button so fast in my life. ūüėČ I felt for sure it would disappear in seconds. I reread & reread the email to make certain I read it correctly but here we are. -crazy- I’m very excited about the subject,¬†“How to Alt Summit”, because¬†Alt Summit¬†has played & plays a major role in my growth as a Blogger, Artist, Brand, Entrepreneur, ¬†& Individual. All of us have different reasons for attending an Alt Conference & every one of those reasons are the right one. Bethany,¬†The Glamorous Housewife, & I will be¬†sharing our tips, tricks, to do’s, stories, experiences & Alt Survival Kit. You’ll find how to embrace your Alt Summit experience & gain the information on how to best utilize the conference both during & long after. Our goal is to help you make this conference a success. This is something you won’t want to miss & applies to everyone. I’ll be sharing tomorrow my quick “must have done before Alt list” tomorrow. This will be key in taking advantage of what we’ll be sharing at Alt. Can’t wait to see everyone, meet new friends & dear friend in person for the first time. Happy Monday! xo -Tif

“Be glad. Be good. Be brave.”¬†‚ÄĒ¬†Eleanor H. Porter