All graphics for my Alt Summit posts are created from Vintage Vogue Sewing Patterns from the 1950’s.

Let’s  get  GOING!

Think about why you are going to Alt and what you expect to get from the experience. Do you want to learn about video blogging? Do you want to start a blog? Do you want to monetize your blog? Are you going for fun, inspiration and to meet fun people? Do you want to work with or for a certain sponsor, brand or company? Do you want to contribute or hire contributors or all of the above? Think about these things & write down at least three specific goals.Schedule
Study the Alt Summit Schedule! Decide ahead of time what you want to attend. Have back up choices incase you feel you already understand the subject & want to switch classes. BE SURE to check out the design camps. You do not have to sign up for a design camp but they have a limited number of people who can attend. I was number 39 out of 40 people who were allowed in the Photo styling class with the House of Brinson & I would have been devastated if I missed it. So again, if there is a design camp you really want to attend, make sure you schedule time to be in line before it starts. Maybe 15 to 20 minutes but don’t quote me on the number. Some camps didn’t have a line but this one did & it was long but totally worth every minute. 

Business Cards
If you have a blog, own a business or aspire to have either. BRING CARDS. I can’t emphasize this enough. It can be the most elaborate card or a piece of paper with your name & email on it. Just have cards. If you need help with cards contact me through the blog. I’m happy to help & it really is that important.

Contact Alt Summit Sponsors & send media kits before the conference. Keep this short, with a quick introduction & express you would like to connect during the conference & attach a media kit if you have one. You can also post or share about the Sponsors & then contact them with a link to your post & share how excited you are to meet them at the conference. This is a fantastic & easy way to reach out to sponsors & create an easy flow of conversation during the conference. I’d also like to say please don’t be offended if someone doesn’t know you, remember you or recognize you. Just remember everyone at Alt is there to meet people, socialize, grow, be inspired, have fun & spend time with like minded people who appreciate blogging & know what blogging is. 😉 Simply re-introduce yourself & smile. Follow & participate on Sponsor’s social media channels before & during the conference. You can also post & share about them on your social media about them or the gifts they send out. Remember to tag them & use their hashtag & hashtag #altsummit.

Prepare & Practice a quick intro for yourself. For example, “I’m Tiffany from the blog Rue Rococo. Rue in French means street & Rococo is my imaginary street where I celebrate & share about life, crafts, food & family. Rue Rococo is a curated lifestyle blog where all things beautiful can be found in one place. ” Try to avoid vague descriptions like lifestyle blog. If you have a specialty, you want to share that! Say something like, “a lifestyle blog where I create crafts for events” or “a lifestyle blog where I show couples how to date on budget”. Practice it. Really practice it. It will come out if you’re ever tongued tied, nervous, feel shy or don’t know what to say.

Social Media
GET ON IT! If you aren’t using & taking advantage of Social Media you need to. This is your way of meeting friends, making contacts, engaging with & growing your audience, promoting your blog & talking with sponsors. Did I mention it was free? Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself & comment on things.  GET ON IT!

Plan What to Wear
This is fun but not the most important. Look at the schedule & pack accordingly. You have one dinner, two parties & four day outfits. Don’t make yourself crazy & remember that if this is causing you stress, it’s no longer fun. I personally like to dress up at Alt because I’m the mother of two boys who cover me in dirt, food, paint, & who knows what else from morning until night. I enjoy doing my hair & getting dressed up on these occasions because it’s fun for me, I love style & design & no other reason.  Alt in January was a different story with my clothing choices. My boys had head colds during the conference & I was up all night with them. The furthest thing on my mind was my clothes. I felt everyone was fortunate I made it there with pants on I was so tired. lol I even forgot the outfit I planned for the night of parties and yet I lived, had fun & It was a great conference.

Enjoy everything. Enjoy preparing to go, enjoy it while your there. Don’t let things stress you out or ruin the experience because it’s not perfect or how you pictured it. I’ll be sharing more about Alt Summit soon. Including a packing list for your suitcase & day bag.
Have a lovely day everyone. xo -Tif

If you work Really hard & be Kind amazing things will happen.
-conan obrien