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I love creating something interesting and intriguing out of the ordinary. Especially when that something fell into my lap for free and is a functional item. Interesting…free…and function? Oh yes, I went there. I’m talking about a file cabinet transformation…a file cabinet makeover of Anne Hathaway proportions. When I asked my husband for a file cabinet, I ended up with a leftover ugly metal cabinet without a top. I quickly added a wood top for functionality but it was and eye sore in my office and it was time for a little creativity. With only sand paper and paint, I was able to transform a drab sad file cabinet into my favorite piece of furniture…and you can to!

Finished and Fabulous!
Instructions Below
– A file cabinet…the uglier the better!
– Fine-grain sandpaper (200 grade or finer)
– Paint. For this project, I used both wall paint and spray paint.
– Painter’s tape
Step 1: Sand your metal file cabinet lightly on all surfaces you intend to paint. The sanding is meant to give the       cabinet just barely enough texture so that the paint sticks.
Step 2: Now paint your main color on all surfaces that you want to paint. I chose to paint my cabinet aqua blue as the main color. Because it was wall paint, I rolled it on to assure a smooth and even coat of paint. You may need to do several coats of paint.
Step 3: This is the fun part! For this step, you will use your painter’s tape to create a design on you cabinet that will be painted your second color. I chose a geometric stripe that swoops across my cabinet like a giant check mark. First, I taped off the design. Because my second paint was a spray paint I then covered all the areas of my cabinet that I didn’t want painted this second color in tissue paper (newspaper would work too) and secured them in place with painter’s tape. The tissue paper may seem a little ridiculous and messy, but trust me it is a great little trick-it assured that no spray paint would leak onto the areas I wanted to remain blue.
Step 4: Spray your second paint within the taped-off area. Make sure that you completely cover the area so that the contrast between the main color and the second color is bold. You may need to spray a couple coats for this second color as well.
Step 5: Once the second paint has dried you can carefully peel off your tape and tissue paper to reveal your new file cabinet!

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“Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly.”
― Neil Gaiman, The Sandman, Vol. 6: Fables and Reflections